How to send email using infusionsoft api (php)

Hi All,
Can anybody help me with an issue i am facing while trying to send email using unfusionsoft api. Everything is working fine but when i call sendEmail() it shows me error as " Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Infusionsoft\Api\Rest\EmailService::sendEmail() ".
I also tried including Infusionsoft\Api\Rest\EmailService manually in my test file.

Anybody please help.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Daniel_Shallenberger, there is not yet an endpoint in REST that allows for the sending of emails but it will be releasing soon. There will then be a slight lag time before the SDK is updated to include it.

There is an existing endpoint in XML-RPC to send an email. If you’re using the PHP SDK, you should be able to access it by calling $infusionsoft->emails('xml')->sendEmail().