How to delete subscriptions

How delete subscriptions

Hi Helga,

Are you asking how to delete a subscription from a contact record? If this is the case, I want to give a little guidance on this.

If you head to a contact’s record, and go into their ‘Orders’ tab. Under the orders tab, there will be a section for ‘Subscriptions’ and you should be able to find and click on the subscription you wish to delete.

In the subscription, if the customer is no longer going to need it, I would recommend setting the subscription status from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’, set an end date (date could be today) turn off the autocharge if they have a card on file in the autocharge section, and hit ‘Save’. Here is a quick visual of me navigating to a test subscription, showing these recommended changes. 2017-09-14_0927 You will notice that when I hit the delete button at the end of this visual, I get an error. Lets talk about that real quick.

If the customer has paid on this subscription, this means there are invoices attached, and an error will be presented, stating that the subscription can not be deleted. This would mean that you would need to go into the individual invoices, listed at the bottom of the subscription and manually delete them, before you are able to come back to the main subscription page, and delete the subscription from the record. If you have past invoices, and want to keep this data, I would recommend following the initial steps to deactivate the subscription, but leave the data. If you delete the invoices, this may affect your historical sales data.

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Hi Helga_Queen,

Same thing can be done with api as well.