How to add line spacing in emails

I have a client who wants to have spacing in between lines. She’s new to IS and her old CRM allowed her to create quite a bit of spacing between lines.

She has a mentor using IS whose emails utilize spacing in the lines, but I can’t seem to replicate this. Any suggestions?

hi @Christina_McCandlish I am not sure what type of spacing your client is looking for, but by default, in our builder, if you press enter after a line of text, it creates a ‘double space’ between lines, and if you press Shift+Enter, it will create a single space.

Here is a quick visual in my application of me typing out an example, 2017-07-21_1123 and showing the difference between pressing Enter, and pressing Shift+Enter. Outside of this, there are no ‘spacing’ settings that can really be altered, and more spacing would need to be created manually by either pressing ‘Enter’ or ‘Shift+Enter’ depending on the formatting needed.

Thanks for that. That’s not quite what she’s looking for. We’re not wanting to make a hard return, we’re looking to increase the line spacing, which after some digging around in a template myself, looks like it’s only possible in the code builder, if I go in and change the line spacing there.

Was just hoping for a less complicated way of doing it, possibly in classic builder, etc.