How do you place a 3rd party tracking pixel on an Infusionsoft landing page?

I’m trying to place a 3rd party tracking pixel that looks like this on a landing page (had to take out the “<>”):

“img height=“1” width=“1” style=“border-style:none;” alt=”" src="//"/"

When the landing page is loaded, the pixel shows up as an image that wasn’t found because it converts the url to my web app url, like this:

"img height=“1” src=“;ct=0:i5tutng&amp;fmt=3” style=“border-style:none;” width=“1"”

Does anyone know how to solve for this?

Hey Josh,

So, there is a limitation, that we will actually have a solve for, before the end of the month. Currently, with the webform and landing page builders, you do not have access to the header, which is needed to include the tracking pixel. (landing page and thank-you page) In the past, we have recommended hosting your own thankyou page, to atleast get that part of the tracking down.

As we reach the last part of the month, we will be rolling our our new landing page experience, into the campaign builder. This will create a number of new experiences, and it will also include the ability to add your facebook tracking pixel to the process, as an optional part of the setup.

Ok, good to know. This pixel is actually meant to be placed in the body though, and has worked on other sites. It seems that the issue is that Infusionsoft adds in it’s url (“https:/”) before the src url of the pixel. Do you know if there’s any way to prevent this?

That is where the header control comes in. Getting around this would require header control, which is currently the limitation.

Got it. Thank you!

Will there be the same solution created so that we can add pixel code to the Thank-you page separate from the main Head field you’ve created now?

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Has there been any update to this question about adding the tracking code to the Thank-you page?

Are you looking at the new LP builder’s thank you page settings? There is a place for the tracking there.

Hi James,

The Facebook pixel tracking code in the landing page settings is not working because the HTML code checker is throwing an error. The code is correct. What’s the fix or workaround?


Is there any update on this? I am trying to embed an open pixel and not luck in the html field.