How do you add a link so someone can add a date to their calendar?

I have a web form for people to RSVP to an event. I want to add a line that says something like “add this event to your calendar” and when they click it, it adds the event to their calendar. Is there a way to do that in InfusionSoft?

I’m not aware of a way to do that directly from within Infusionsoft, but there are third party tools that can make it happen.

Novak Solutions has an easy tool for that, You fill in the event info inside the tool, and they give you a URL for each type of calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook) that you can put on a button or link in your emails.
You can see it at Tools — Novak Solutions . it’s called the Email Appointment Tool.


@Jordan_Novak, I didn’t know you had this tool :slight_smile: Love it!

@Jordan_Novak it seems REALLY odd that you want my username and login in order to connect to infusionsoft…I’ve never used another application that required that. That kind of gives you the keys to the kingdom and the ability to log in as me. Why would anyone do that?


It’s not Novak Solutions asking for your username/password, it’s the OAuth process which is run on Infusionsoft/Keap servers. This way you are able to authorize an app using IS/IBK securely, apart from third party apps, and things will still work.

Although it’s good to hear you thought it was them asking for it because that means the process is seamless enough that it looks natural to the end user :wink: