How do I track the length of time a prospect spends in each phase of the sales cycle?

I’ve contacted Customer Service but they were not able to provide an answer. What i’m trying to do is get an accurate timeline of how long a prospect spends in each phase of the sales cycle. So, as an example, if I enter Baptist Health Systems as a New Opportunity on January 1st. As talks progress, I move them to a Warm Prospect on February 1st. Talks progress further, and I move them to a Hot Prospect on March 1st. Ultimately, we close the deal on May 1st. I’m trying to find a report or some kind of functionality that would outline where Baptist Health Systems was a New Opportunity for 31 Days. They then became a Warm Prospect for 28 Days, and finally they were in the Hot Prospect phase for 61 days before moving to Closed/Won. I’m trying to find a way to benchmark how long each opportunity stays in a particular phase of the sales cycle before moving to closed (lost or won). Thanks in advance

This sounds like one for Brian Keith of Redbeard Consulting. He is pioneering a tactic called “Hypersegmentation”, and one application for this includes measuring the time between two benchmarks, aka, “dwell time”.

Here’s a webinar I did on this topic with Brian a few weeks back.

thanks for the response. Is this something i can speak with someone about?

Yes, Brian does complimentary consultations. I’m sure he’d be happy to chat with you about this.