How do I reference an appointment custom field in a REST request?

I have tried to just put the custom field name in the JSON but it does not work, either with or without the underscore.

What am I missing?


Custom fields in the REST API are referenced via field id:

"custom_fields": [
      "id": 2,
      "content": null

Thanks Tom,

I’m still missing something as I tried your suggestion in the
Update Appointment in the interactive REST screen and cannot find a syntax that will work.


Ah, sorry, my mistake, I didn’t catch that you were referencing Appointments. Currently custom field values are only supported via REST on Contacts.

If you need to modify them on Appointments before we get that in place, you’d need to POST a call to the Legacy XMLRPC API as documented here, using the same OAuth Access Token as for the REST API.

Thanks again Tom!

I looked at the link you provided and while I have written many API scripts using the old iSDK and API keys, this looks a lot like that setup asking for the API key. And I do not not know what contextOfField is.

Also, assume I do this, to update it, how do I retrieve the data?



you don’t need the old api key method. The same api structure is available for use while using the same oauth credentials you would use for rest. What tom shared is the same object structure for the legacy api but uses the new authentication (oauth).

I could be mistaken but I believe context of field has to do with the data type?