How do I Page fit for windows 10

How do I fit page on windows 10 to avoid sliding back and forth?

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Hi Chris, I am not sure I fully understand the issue. I utilize a windows 10 machine, but do not believe I have encountered any page fit issues, causing sliding. Can you share a little more detail into what you are experiencing, as we may be able to assist.

Yeah, this one is confusing me a bit as well. Can you define what you mean by sliding too?

I’m shocked this hasn’t been fixed yet.

For some reason, the page is not dynamic and forces a user to scroll right to see the right hand side of the contact screen (and others). For example, when trying to enter a new task, you have to scroll right just to see the button that would allow you to do so. The page is not rendering with dynamic content, rather it is using wide screen proportions and forcing a scroll. This is especially frustrating on a laptop. Mine is 1920x1080 and I am still forced to scroll. Why won’t it just “fit”. I believe in HTML, this is done by using a percent rather than a fixed value. It is highly annoying with a mouse that doesn’t allow for sideways scroll.

This one issue alone would make me move to a different platform if I could. It shows a total lack of concern for the user.

By sliding, he means using the bottom scroll bar to shift the screen to the right. The page does not fit in the window. This is a ridiculous issue in 2021. The thread is from 2017 and still has not been resolved???