How do I input business carinfo?

Good Morning,

I am an infusion soft newbie. glad to join the community.

Hi Joy, welcome!

I think you may have sorted this out already, but for anyone else finding this - to scan and upload a business card, you’ll want to download the Infusionsoft mobile app.

Once you open the app, and login to your account, you can click the “+” sign in the top right corner, which will allow you to add a contact either by filling out the info, or taking a snapshot of a business card.

If you choose the photo method then the image is sent off for processing, and you can receive a notification once it’s been transcribed and is ready for review.

After you review it, you can click to add it to your app (to your phone), and you have the option of adding a tag and marking the contact as marketable (if you have permission, etc).

Here’s some details: