How do I connect to API without requiring specific user action?

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I’m trying to get started with Infusionsoft’s API and I’ve got a question about OAuth: how can I authorize an application to access IS without requiring a specific user to travel to a permission page?

I know it’s possible, I’m just new to OAuth and REST APIs. I have my client_id and client_secret, and I know how to generate access and refresh tokens (via link on Account Central page). However, Infusionsoft’s OAuth2 Authentication walkthrough mentions redirect_uri and code params, which I’m not sure how they fit in if there is no specific user for which my application is requesting API access.

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts!

After reading this discussion, I am under the impression that the user authorization process is only a means to an end: the access and refresh tokens. So, if I have access/refresh tokens already, I can bypass the user authorization and simply start making calls to the API, refreshing my tokens as necessary.

Comments on the accuracy of my summary would be appreciated!

That is correct. If you generate an Access Token and Refresh Token from inside account central then you are good to go.

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Awesome. Thanks @bradb!