How do I allow users to share newletters/landing pages/articles to their social media pages?

The question is short and sweet but cannot seem to get a clear answer. How do I allow the contacts to share newsletter, articles, landing pages, ect. on their social media (not our company social media)?

I was instructed to simply share the content on my social media and allow the contacts to re-share on their page that way. But that will cost use precious traffic because you cannot do it directly from the landing page itself.

I Imagine there are a lot of people that would like to give people the option to post content on their individual social medias, and expand your network organically.

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You can formulate a link using this tool and then put this link on the website pages you want to have shared. It will allow you to configure a ‘social site specific’ link so when they click the ‘Facebook’ link (for example) it will trigger your page to be added to their Facebook page:

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