How can I share leads with someone outside my CRM

We have a relationship with an author and we use his books for our lead magnets in paid ads, when the leads come into our CRM, is there a way for him to be able to access these leads directly through the Referral Partners section or somewhere else? He is not a user on our subscription and is not a member of our company. My experience with Referral Partners was limited to tracking links only, and I don’t know if I could set him up to be able to only access leads tagged to his books.

Please let me know if this is something that is possible with Keap.

Thank you

I think the easiest way to share, so that they had access, would be to set up a Fulfillment list to run inside your campaign.
That would just do a contact dump of data out to the author (via email - CSV attachment) so they would have the leads available to upload to their database, etc.


Thank you. I am looking into this, does the fulfilment list send email updates periodically, or is it a one time fulfillment? It didnt show any fields to set the interval for when to send the email.

The fulfillment list runs as people flow through. So, if you set up a timer that triggers on Thursday, then the fulfillment list, whoever hits the fulfillment list at that time will be in the CSV that goes out. The next week, anyone who went through the campaign that week will be sent, etc.


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