How can I remove the credit card requirement for a $0 transaction

I have a product that is $0 (free webinar) along with other paid products. When a customer registers for only the $0 product, a credit card is still required. I cannot find any help topics that remove the credit card requirement in a situation like this. Can anyone help me with this?

@Jordan_Novak posted a solution to this here: Custom Code to Remove Credit Card Requirement on Order Form? It requires implementing some code on your order form.

We recently discovered that you can only do true zero-dollar orders without asking for credit card information when using the shopping cart. The Order Forms will not show the “Pay by Check” option that is manipulated to allow zero dollar orders, but the shopping cart does. You can reach out to use ( and we’re happy to send you the info we have on setting this up.

To add to martin and Jordan. The shopping cart can “mimic” an order page by using a product page link from the product and disabling the category links so it’s possible to simulate this with a product page that behaves like an order form.