How can I automatically export a contact list daily

I am looking to export from Infusionsoft a saved export every day. Is this possible without manually logging in and running the export myself?

Yes it is. When you have saved a saved search then the saved search options button becomes available and you can schedule sending an email automatically:

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Hi John,
I tried this method as I also need a daily export. However, when I receive the daily email, it only gives me the names of the people tagged. Is there a way to automatically schedule a daily export from a saved search with multiple fields?

Rae Carson

@Rae_Carson , and anyone else that comes across this so long after the fact (sorry Rea for missing the reply)

With saved searches, you can set the date created or last updated date to ‘today’ and this will give you the last 24 hours of those contacts. similarly you can set those values to ‘the past 7 days’ and ‘the last 30 day’.

you can then send an email with the csv file results on whatever schedule you wish.