Hello team - ICC here from South West UK!

How have I only just discovered this community?! I must have missed the memo! Or been under a rock?!

Either way, I’m glad to be here now :grinning:

I’m an ICC based in Dorset in the UK. Part of a mother-daughter duo with @Alison_Boyle for the last 3 years and still going strong :muscle:

I spend most of my time inside the campaign builder, so if anyone has any questions regarding it then feel free to drop me a message.

See you all around :blush:

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Hey @Sarah_Boyle. Glad you found us! Welcome aboard.


Thanks guys! I have a question regarding permissions within the forum here.

Sarah Roland posted a link in the FB Partner group on 8th Sep to an announcement from the forum about the CHS rating update. I don’t have permission to read the topic, is there something I need to do to change that?

Replying here as i don’t believe this question qualifies its own thread!


Hi @Sarah_Boyle I confirmed your Partner status and gave you permission to the Certified Partners group.

Thank you Martin!