GoDaddy Displaying Email as Mobile

I have a gentleman who continues to experience our emails as the mobile version on his desktop. After running multiple experiments on different machines, browsers, email clients, I cannot figure it out. Does anyone out there have an explanation or fix?

Hi Shane. This is a very specific scenario, but do you know if he is using a hotmail or msn inbox, that he is accessing through the web app? ( We are currently working on an issue that sounds exactly like this, pertaining to emails that are viewed through (eg: msn, hotmail, other related inboxes that are accessible through microsoft’s web app)

Hi James and thanks for the quick reply. I’m happy to hear you are aware of this issue and working towards a solution. We’ve tested it here once more and believe to also narrowed it down to GoDaddy itself.

Speaking with the gentleman that brought this to our attention, he is not using anything but GoDaddy email directly from their login page: Sign In

Hope this helps. Do you have a time-table for the fix?

We are currently investigating. Inboxes have the ability to render html any way they want, and this is an example of that. Our emails have the capability to be optimized for mobile, but the inbox itself is deciding how it wants to render. I am going to share this with the team that is currently investigating the issue though, as the added info about GoDaddy is important information for them. Currently I would not have an ETA but I will see what I can find out.

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The information you provided is very helpful, thank you.

Thanks James!

My experience has been that when emails come through to my account, they always display the mobile version. But when the same emails come through to my account (also gmail), they show the desktop version.

It’s odd, and I’ve reported it, but I haven’t had the motivation to really chase it because it’s not the end of the world. Just odd.

Here is a seed list using a default template