Get contacts that have at least X number of tags in a category

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to get a list of contacts that have at least X number of tags in a category?

E.g. I have 10 downloads available on my website. When contacts download them they get tagged with the corresponding download tag. I would like to see all the contacts that have downloaded at least 4 of my 10 downloads.


There is no way to do that natively without creating a crazy number of saved searches with all kinds of permutations and combination.
You could do an export of anyone with any of those tags, then run formulas against the ‘tag ID’ column to calculate who has which tags IDs on them.

We could also run a quick script using Make that would pull anyone with those tags and then just count how many the person has (basically a script that replicates what the spreadsheet would do).

If this is something that you’d want pulled regularly, the script would be the best option.
If you would want us to build that for you, please email me directly: