Finding accounts with no tasks assigned

Has anyone found a way to search accounts by no tasks? I am trying to search all the accounts that have fallen through the cracks and assign tasks to my sales dept.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

If I understand you correctly, you want to see which “Contacts” don’t have a task assigned to their record.

If that’s the case you can go to Admin → Task/Note Report and do a search for all tasks.

Then tag all contacts who’ve ever had a task by going to the actions button on the top left.

Then go back and do a contact search for anyone who doesn’t have the tag you just applied in the previous step.

Good luck!

Hi Brett,

I am trying to do this but it seems as though the only options on the top left drop down are delete, export, or reassign.

Looks like things may have changed. You can still do it by exporting the contact IDs and re-importing (through data clean up) and then applying the tag that way.

Here’s a video I made a while back that should help: Infusionsoft: How To Tag Contacts From The Task Note Report - YouTube