Export Opportunities list with Batch Email column showing?

Is there a way to export the list of opportunities and have the Batch Email Address show as a column?

The question is unclear I think. Opportunities are specifically tied to a single contact each…not to a batch of contacts or a group. So what do you mean by “Batch Email Address”?

When I view the list of opportunities I can click the checkbox at the top left to select all and then choose ‘Actions’ < ‘Export’. I choose all columns and ‘Excel’ as the fle type. But when it opens in Excel it isn’t showing the contact ‘Batch Email Adress’ column that I can view in the Opp list. I’d like to be able to include this column in the export.

So again, in the context of opportunities, the term “Batch Email Address” has no meaning. I can only assume that you are wanting to see the email address of the contact that the opportunity is assigned to? That is not available through that export. What is available is the contact id number. The best you can do there is to also export contacts with their id number and then use a vlookup to merge the two or import both opp. and contact lists into an application like mysqlworkbench to merge the two with sql. other than that, there isn’t a way to get an email address of the contact into the opportunity list directly.

so yeah, I don’t know why they word it like that but it’s referring to the specific contact email address

I guess I could be clearer. The table that holds opportunity records has no entry for email addresses. The values are derived from the contact table. So when an opportunity export is preformed, it’s just what’s on the table that represents that.

Okay, your explanation makes sense.
I would love to see this functionality in future updates so I can quickly export a list of contact emails for all lost opportunities without performing extra steps to connect data tables. Thanks!


Hi. I came here just to see if I was the only one that was using vlookup to get an email address on opportunity records. I thought there had to be a better way because it’s cumbersome. Would be great to see the email address associated with that Opportunity’s ID. Add me to the “please add this feature on export” group.

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A workaround besides using vlookup is to filter your Opportunities how you want and then apply a temporary tag to them (this applies a tag to the contact record). You can then do a contact search on that tag and export the list with any contact fields. I have to use this little hack often in order to combine opportunity and contact data.