Excited about Venmo--then learned it's just through PayPal

Hey guys! I was excited to get the email that Venmo could be set up for receiving payments. Then I saw that it was through PayPal. The point of using Venmo is that it doesn’t have fees. If we use this integration, we pay PayPal’s ordinary fees. Isn’t there a way to set up Keap to use free pay services directly: Venmo, CashApp, ApplePay, Zelle, etc.? Isn’t that the new way of business? Until that is added, I’ll just keep entering everything as manual payments and using checks and these free apps, but my clients would love the convenience of online payment.

No, I’m afraid not. Some have used authorize(dot)net to integrate other merchant services with but that then has an added cost. As far as it being the “new way of business”, that’s the first I’ve heard of it but it would be nice to have those other options though :wink: