Error status 0 in webservice

Hello all, I have a webservice inside a cronjob for the process of updating the access token and refresh token. It worked fine for months, but a few days ago the webservice got an error 0 in the response.

I have a log for the webservices responses, and usually I got the error status 400 and the message “Developer inactive” when the access token expires, but this time when the cronjob tried to get a new access and refresh token, it got error 0 and no message, what may be the cause?

After this, I executed the cronjob manually and I got the “developer inactive” message, so I tried the process for a new access and refresh token in the infusionsoft page. Now the cronjob is working fine again.

Likely the authentication server was down and didn’t actually report anything so it resolved to 0. You’ll probably be best to trap exceptions and filter for that response again so that you can have code act accordingly.