Error in app.php and

i’m getting errors on line 157 of app.php
count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/31526…eldFound]No field found: Contact._GNMemberBio\nAttempted: 1 time(s).\n thrown in /home/ on line 157’

156 if ($req->faultCode()){
157 $exception = new Infusionsoft_Exception($req->faultString() . “\nAttempted: $attempts time(s).”,
158 $method, $args);
159 $this->addException($exception);
160 throw $exception;
161 }

and on line 2661 of (count error)
2661 if(!xml_parse($parser, $data, count($data)))

Good morning Jen,

There isn’t much information to go on here, and I’m definitely not a PHP programmer primarily, but it looks like you’re attempting to retrieve a custom field named “GNMemberBio” that doesn’t exist? I would verify that it is on the model before continuing.