Embedding Landing Pages

Is there a way to embed landing pages on your website that it looks like it’s part of your site? (no scroll bar…etc.).
Or, can your publish the landing page from KEAP and have it live on the platform?

You can publish at Keap and it will have a unique Keap URL.

Ex: https://keap.page/hal100/grow-your-list.html

If you wanted to have it set up with your own domain, you can follow these steps to set up a subdomain to point to your pages:

Legacy Landing Pages: https://help.keap.com/help/landing-pages-publish-to-a-custom-domain

New Landing Pages: https://help.keap.com/help/create-a-landing-page



You can use Webforms with the HTML Unformatted code structure, this then allows the developer to make it look like part of the page by applying CSS over it.

All the best