Duplicate Checking by Phone! I need this system to do this asap!

The respone from your “solution expert” shows the disconnect in how the world works and your coders. The problems happen when the system will not work with call tracking options because it does not recognize the duplicates because it will not check by phone number and just creates new contacts for every caller even when the phone numbers match! But that attitude, I don’t miss and I have suggested the other companies I onboarded with Infusion make a change for the exact reason!

“Mine” doesn’t? Same mistake as before. I don’t work for, nor do I have any devotion to, Keap/Infusionsoft. As an integrations developer of over 30 years, however, I can tell you that there isn’t nearly the demand for phone matching as you feel there is…ie, they have bigger issues to deal with than something that isn’t that common…BUT, there IS a way to do it and you never accepted that. You’re only looking at the solution you want and not accepting a solution that would work.

We ended up fixing this issue by using a paid Infusionsoft partner called FixYourFunnel, who has created a third party integration to remove duplicate phone numbers. Why this can’t just be a feature of Infusionsoft is definitely frustrating. Rachel, we’re not far from going the route you seem to have gone.