Difference in saved report results based on user id

What’s the relationship between user id and results returned by savedSearchAllFields($savedSearchId, $userId, $page)?
For example, I have a saved search whose columns are
Which results in the following saved search in the UI

The system under test sees the following result when $userId=1

The system under test sees the following result when $userId=552

IOW, userId = 1 does not see the Contact Id.

Here’s the relevant code:
public function getSavedSearch($savedSearchId = NULL, $page = 0)
$userId = 1; // 552
$savedSearch = array();
$savedSearch[$page] = $this->app->savedSearchAllFields($savedSearchId, $userId, $page);
while ( count($savedSearch[$page]) > 0 )
$page ++;
$savedSearch[$page] = $this->app->savedSearchAllFields($savedSearchId, $userId, $page);
} catch ( \Exception $e )
$this->logger->logFatal(print_r(json_encode(array(array(“FUNCTION” => FUNCTION), array(“LINE” => LINE), array(“step” => “savedSearchAllFields fail”), $this), TRUE), TRUE));
throw new \Exception($e);

	return $savedSearch;

Out of curiosity, are both Users Administrators?

It looks like one of those odd API glitches if you are getting results like that.

Hi Pav: Yes, both are admins. Thx.

Running tests on my side, I do get the “Id” column back using the User Id “1”.

Is this happening on all your records your are getting back?

Yes, it happens on all of them. That particular saved search only has one result row.
NBD: I’ll set $userId != 1
I forgot to describe the genesis of this question; which was a mystery to me why the code ran successfully in my sandbox (against $userId=1), but failed in production. Research into that discrepancy uncovered the userId dichotomy.

Is the Sandbox and Production servers connected to the same Infusionsoft Account?

If so, is there something in your code filtering the results? Or, is there some sort of PHP / Configuration difference? If it was PHP related you would get errors reported.

Not much more I can add otherwise. If you still stuck then raise a Support Ticket.