Delete Product from an Invoice

Hi, i was searching for API method in which i can delete a product from an invoice, currently im able to delete an invoice but not product in it, e.g i have multiple products in an invoice and i want to delete specific product from an invoice how this is possible? I have searched APi docs but unable to find this method.


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I do not see one either, nor can you delete from the OrderItem API table either as you will get this warning message:

ERROR: 7 - [NoTableAccess]You cannot delete from OrderItem through the API

Question would be here why do you need to delete the Product from the Invoice?
When I generally deal with Orders they are paid for and the products are not removed. So just wondering why you need that specific API call.

Deleting the Invoice is currently the only answer.

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In fulfillment report the muliple product shown under same order id which are skipped in fulfillment department automatically for possible duplicate, i was trying to delete one item and create new invoice of that product using api.

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Two things to point out here.

(1). The customer could reselect the same product when shopping, so they may appear as individual products instead of being combined as one with a quantity. It depends on how the Orders are being added into Infusionsoft.

(2). If you are getting duplicate products on an Order, then I would investigate the cause of this. If this is happening too many times, then something is not working as expected.

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In order bumps the main order and order bump are combined in same invoice not separate, when fulfillment report is generated and forwarded to fulfillment department we have main order and the order bump same order id

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@pagedesigner so for your purposes, why can’t you just edit the invoice line item (which you can do with the api)? ie replace the item with it’s description plus something like (fulfilled)? :wink:

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Thanks, @John_Borelli & @Pav I completely agree. Finding where the duplicate line item is being added to the order and fixing the cause might be the best first steps. After that through the API the line item could be edited even though it isn’t able to be deleted through the API.

Deleting a product is available through the UI by clicking on the name of the line item and deleting.