Creating invoices without credit card


I’m using the RestAPI and would like to know if creating an invoice for a customer and marking it as payed or unpayed is possible without having a payment method like cc on that customer.

How can that be done? I assume is probably with the creating order of the API but can’t seem to know why.


You would need to create the order, then run another API that would mark the order ‘paid’.
People can pay invoices both online and offline, so you don’t need to have a CC on file. You could just mark it paid as ‘cash’ or ‘other’, etc. ____________________________________
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A similar question was recently asked. There is some additional info available in that thread: How can your orders be set to Paid? - #3 by Kan_Murota

It was a irretatiing experience when I tried to achieve this.
My client wanted to distinguish the Paymet’s type and Status or keep it the same as before and I used Python SDK for XML-RPC API and

  1. You don’t actually use args = JSONOBJECT like official docs. Look at Githubs and
  2. All fileds are required but you can set “0” in some of them
  3. Invoice ID is not on any response of the REST but it is exactly the same as Order ID.
  4. For dates, string is implied to be required(even the error message says so) but actually it should be datetime object.

Took me a while to figure these out.

Oh I’ve also found another command that’s only doable via XML-RPCA.

Add tax & discount(Special Order) in order items.
Or are we supposed to have products of such and always try to manipulate theh price on REST?

Hi, thanks for the answer.
The thing is when I try to mark the order as payed I always get:

[message] => A payment plan is required before attempting to create a payment on an order.

Any clue?