Creating Date Driven Payment Plans - Infusionsoft Developer Needed

I am a travel agent and I am wondering if there is a way to create automatic payment plans that is date driven? Currently, we are manually doing them as follows:

Royalton Chic Punta Cana 5 Pay-Luxury
Order between 11/1/2022 and 11/30/2022

Royalton Chic Punta Cana 4Pay-Luxury
Order between 12/1/2022 and 12/31/2022 etc.

For example, if I have to have my clients payments by a certain date to pay the vendor, the system will automatically create a payment plan based on their first deposit received from the client and the final payment due date. I need it to create payment plans based on a start and end date.

Would love to find an Infusionsoft Developer to help with this.

Good afternoon Maxine!

We do have a Marketplace where you can find listings for service providers to assist you!

Good luck!

  • Tom Scott

I have gone to the Marketplace and found someone. Thank you!