Create creditCard error

Hey folks, I’m trying to figure out why this JSON body returns an error of “Input could not be converted to a valid request”. I’m missing something, but this error is too vague. I’m using a sandbox account but that shouldn’t matter.

I’m passing a valid contact id to this endpoint:

This is the body:
{ "address": [ { "country_code": "US", "field": "BILLING", "line1": "555 Nasa Ave", "line2": "", "locality": "", "postal_code": "60607", "region": "IL", "zip_code": "60607", "zip_four": "" } ], "card_number": "4111111111111111", "card_type": "VISA", "email_address": "", "expiration_month": "05", "expiration_year": "2025", "maestro_issue_number": "", "maestro_start_date_month": "", "maestro_start_date_year": "", "name_on_card": "Bruce Wayne", "verification_code": "200" }

Every other endpoint I have working, just this one isn’t for some reason.

@Christopher_Smith :

“address” should be an object, not an array of objects

Lol damnit, thank you. So much time wasted and something so simple…