Consequences of removing order history and rebuilding it

In our integration between a fulfillment vendor and Keap, we have the following situation:
Contact A is added with some order history
Contact B is added with other order history
At the fulfillment vendor, these correspond to two separate customers. However, it becomes apparent these two separate customers are actually the same customer - so they are “consolidated”, meaning they become one customer and all the order history is now held on that new customer.

In Keap, we would like to do the same thing - remove contact B, remove all order history for Contact A, and then re-upload all order history for the “now consolidated customer” at the fulfillment vendor.

Is this possible, and even if it is, what are the consequences of doing something like this. Will any critical Keap data be lost? Is there a way to make this happen where it does not lose critical Keap data?


We do not allow Orders to be deleted by any method once a Transaction has been recorded against them; however, I believe that if you use the merge capacity through the UI the Contact records and their Orders should be combined into a single entity.

Ok, thanks for the response. This is good to know… is there any API exposed for that merge functionality?

Not currently, no.

ok, thank you.