Connecting reminder emails

When I go to publish I get error message saying on reminder emails I need to add timer or interaction. How do I do that?

Do you have a screenshot that shows how this campaign is set up?

Hi there,

Based on what you are saying are you getting a message akin to “email frequency not set” (words to that effect at least)?

If so then it is picking up on the fact that your emails do not have timers set between the messages, so all emails will be dumped on the customer as soon as their contact information enters that part of the sequence. This is not always a bad thing, as sometimes you may wish to (for example) send an email to the user to Auto-populate this form with a Contact’s information when visited from an Infusionsoft-delivered email to confirm an opt in and another email at the same time to a sales rep asking them to get in contact.

You have 3 timers within Infusionsoft and each of them can be connected to a string of emails using the green arrows your drag from the left side of a token to the right side of another. Which of these you will want to use is dependent on what it is you are trying to do however! But spacing out your deliveries can definitely lower your spam rating and improve customer experience.


Screenshot attached


This is a screenshot of the error I’m getting.

You’re fine! As long as the timing is setup how you need it to be publish away.

I forever have orange alerts when I publish.

Okay thanks for taking the time to look at it.