Connect to Infusionsoft API using XMLRPC from MS Access VBA

Hello everyone … Happy New Year!

We use a custom application written in MS Access using VBA. Our application, amongst other things, manages customer data. We have just started using Infusionsoft (I am new to the Infusionsoft API).

What we want to do is use XML-RPC to add/update customer data from our custom application to Infusionsoft using VBA in MS Access. I am wondering if anyone in the forum has had experience with this.

Thanks very much

No personal experience with .net implementations but there is a sdk wrapper for .net

It has been awhile since my VBA days, but I think you can use a .NET library via VBA. That might have changed though. If that doesn’t work you might need to just format the XML post manually.

Thanks for the details John. I will check out the .Net sdk wrapper.

Thanks Brad. I will try that. There is a MSXML2 object which can be used to post XML. So I guess I would post the XML to right?