Changing a link which is part of a goal after email gone out

Good morning Community,
I have created a campaign with an email which contains a link to my website which is tied to a goal (prospect to ask to set up a time to meet). Some emails have already gone out.
I want to change the link to a calendar service instead.
If I ust change the campaign I have, what will the emails that have gone out do? Will they link to the website and still register as goal completion, or will they break?
How do I handle this change?
Thank you in advance,

Hi Mark.

It had been a while since I had done this so I tested this out with one of my campaign emails.

I went in and created a hyperlink to google in my email, and sent it to my contact email address. Then, I went back in the campaign and opened my email, and edited the hyperlink to direct to yahoo, published my campaign, and then went to check my first email that I had linked to googleā€¦ It linked me to yahoo (my updated change). This is due to the fact that that specific hyperlink, basically creates an ā€˜Automation Linkā€™ in the backend, and every time a customer clicks that link, it pings the link, and sends the customer wherever it is currently set to go. Me editing my original hyperlink just edited the ā€˜Automation Linkā€™ basically, which affected emails that had already went outā€¦

Now, on the other end of this. If you go into your email and DELETE the hyperlinked text completely, and then type in new text and hyperlink it up to the current link, this will NOT affect previous emails, and they would still be able to link to their original destination, as deleting the original hyperlinked text out of the email will not delete the back end ā€˜Automation Linkā€™ i referenced above. If you do delete the original text, and replace it with new hyperlinked text.

Let me know if there are any details I am missing, and if this makes sense.


Added note, depending on what the goal completion is, you may need to reconfigure a part of the campaign but again, please feel free to ask more questions before making this change, as I want to make sure we give you the best solution, based on what you are needing to happen for everyone.

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Wow, I needed to read a few times to get my head around it, but I get it now. Itā€™s clever.
Thanks very much.

The goal has not changed, just the website I want to direct the prospect to. So your solution (to just change the link) is spot on.

Excellent. I know it was a bit of info, but I wanted to explain both sides of the coin :slight_smile: Glad it helped.