Change email status when create new contact via API?

When i create the contact via API, the email status is always Non-Maketable, and we need manually tick the box as the image below to change this status:

So, is there any way to change this status when we create the new contact?

Thanks so much
Duong Nguyen!/Contact/createContactUsingPOST

You may opt-in or mark a Contact as Marketable by including the following field in the request JSON with an opt-in reason. (This field is also shown in the complete request body sample.) The reason you provide here will help with compliance. Example reasons: “Customer opted-in through webform”, “Contact gave explicit permission.”

 "opt_in_reason": "your reason for opt-in"
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Depends on the api version you’re using. REST is the method Tom mentions but if it’s the xml-rpc then there is an optin method you have to call.

Since i tried in the existing contact, so the status is not change :smiley: . This reason work well in the new added contact email.
Thanks so much TomScott, i worked.