Caution: You Were Sent To This Page

Hi, I keep getting this “Caution: You Were Sent To This Page From An Unverified Source. Coming from an unverified source can result in malicious actions being taken against your application.” when I try to refund or save something…

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I get the same when I apply a tag or a tag category. Spoke on Chat today, they told me it would be fixed in 60 mins. That was hours ago. Chat support is unavailable now. Truly hopeless!

We’re experiencing the same issue.

@Michael_Mia, @Nick_Noakes, and @Lee_Campbell,

It looks like the challenge you described is now a known issue (#2478114), which is actively being worked on and expected to be resolved by 8/4/2021:

For now, Keap offers the following 'Alternative Solution: “On the error message screen you will clear your cache and cookies and hard reload the browser page (Shift F5).”

If you want, you can navigate to where you can submit a report so you can be notified once this known issue has been resolved.