Can't retrieve custom fields through contactservice.load c#

I’m writing a c# application, and I’m attempting to use the EventDay .net library for infusionsoft GitHub - EventDay/ A C# Wrapper around the API

I’m not tied to it if I can figure out a different way. My problem is that the library works fine for retrieving the native fields such as Email, Id, etc. But does not pull in any custom fields. Here’s a sample of what I’m dealing with.

Contact contact = client.ContactService.Load(infusionsoftid, new string { “Email”,“Id”,“_CustomerNumber”},);

That code will pull in the email and ID fine, but pulls back nothing for our custom field “_CustomerNumber”.

Any help would be much appreciated.

From what you are describing this might be a problem with what information is in the contact’s record. Let me explain. When a call is made to get a record it will only return fields that have a value. If the contact record that is being returned doesn’t have a value for customer number then the field won’t be returned as null.

Hi, thanks for responding!

Sorry I should have mentioned that I am specifically testing for records that do have a value for _CustomerNumber. I verify this by going to the infusionsoft website, looking up the contact, and viewing the record. I then plug the id for that contact into my test scenario.

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Alright, If a contact with this number is used then is the Customer Number returned through the API as it should be?

No, and therein lies the problem. When I do the call, standard infusionsoft fields that are called the same way are populated. ie: Email etc.

The call generates no error, so it seems to recognize the custom field name, but no value is ever returned for that custom field.

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I should also mention that I’ve created an issue on the github page for the EventDay infusionsoft library here.

Though, looking at other issues, they don’t seem to responsive.

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The issue appears to be with the third-party C# SDK, which we don’t internally support.

Yep, I realize that infusionsoft doesn’t directly support this library. I was hoping someone in here had used and had the same issues possibly. Looking for a workaround.

Without seeing the code that the C# SDK uses It will difficult to help. I will pull it down and take a look.

I wound up rolling my own solution that uses the REST service. I wouldn’t bother unless you’re wanting to help someone that might have the same issue in the future :slight_smile: