Cannot run update on contacts()

{“meta”:{“status”:“error”,“errors”:[{“message”:“Call to undefined method Infusionsoft\Api\Rest\ContactService::update()”,“code”:500,“file”:“/var/www/html/tfycore/modules/v1/controllers/IfsController.php”,“line”:194}]}}

Hi @Trackify_Support,

I’m afraid we’ll need more information than just the message to help. Try posting the code that generates the message to start.

$data = array( ‘duplicate_option’=> “EmailAndName”,
‘given_name’ => $new_user[‘inputFName’],// first name
‘email_addresses’ => array( array(‘email’ => $new_user[‘inputEmail’],‘field’ => ‘EMAIL1’)),

                    'addresses' => array(
                                            'country_code' =>  $billing['country'],// country code
                                            'field' => "BILLING", // address type
                                            'line1' => $billing['address1'], // address line one 
                                            'line2' => $billing['address2'],
                                            'locality' => $billing['city'], // customer city/locality
                                            'postal_code' => $billing['zip'],
                                            //'region' => SHOP()['subscriber']['country_code'].'-'.SHOP()['subscriber']['province_code'],
                                            //'zip_code' =>  ,
    //return $data;exit;
    return $this->infusionsoft->contacts()->update($contactId,$data);

The addresses array should be on the inside, not the outer array. So array( “addresses”=>array(…