Can you Get a List of All Payments or is Order Id Required

Can you Get a List of All Payments or is Order Id Required

Good morning Andrea!

Sure you can!

Thank you Tom for the quick reply. I was asking about Payments and not Transactions. Is the only difference between these two data elements the fact that transactions don’t contain the Invoice Id?

Can you retrieve all payments without an order id?

Thanks again

I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear about the terminology: a single payment may be made up of multiple transactions. You’ll note that on our Legacy XML-RPC API we expose those but not the actual Transaction records. For clarity going forward we only expose the individual transactions that are processed, rather than an intermediate aggregate object. Each transaction record contains a the order it was applied against, as shown below, which also allows you to calculate if there is any remaining balance.

So the Legacy XML-RPC is another API? I am more of a database person and not a real developer. Can I call that in Azure data factory? I think I need the Invoice Id and the only way I can see to get that is to call the Retrieve Order Payments API and feed it an Order Id which is more complicated then just retrieving all payments and the call seems to stop after about 5K or so.

Thanks again for your help

You can make calls to the Legacy XML-RPC API with the same access token, yes. The documentation is available at