Can I change search default from "starts with" to "contains"?

Can I change search default from “starts with” to “contains”? I often don’t know what exactly the Company name starts with, but I know its got “Traffic” somewhere in the name, so I need to change the search option to contains, rather than starts with. I do this for almost 100% of my searches. I’d dearly like to change the default. Is this possible and if so, how do I do it?

Craig A.

If you mean changing the criteria for a search box in the UI then no, there are no real settings for changing the UI behavior. If you create a saved search that uses what you want then you’d just have to select the saved search but I’m not sure you’d need a full saved search for what it sounds like you’re looking for?

Thanks John, yes, I want to change the default behaviour of the UI for my sessions. Seems that would be a simple change. It would save me many clicks over the course of a day. Since “contains” searches are a super set of the more restrictive “starts with” searches, it makes perfect sense to make “contains” the default behaviour. Can you make the request of product mgr please? Anyone else want this change?
Craig A.

Hi @Craig_Anderson, I don’t work for Infusionsoft but if you have a product feature request you can submit it at