Campaigns not sending emails to Safari, Firefox

Hi - Has anyone else experienced Infusionsoft campaigns to have trouble sending emails to (and applying tags to) customers in certain browsers over others?

Today, we were placing test orders in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. All the orders went through; however, Chrome orders got their tags applied and their autoresponder emails MUCH faster (on the order of hours faster) than the orders placed in Safari and Firefox.

Is this a known issue? Any advice?

This is a bit confusion. Emails are not sent to a browser and they are not at all involved in the emailing process anywhere along the way. That is handled entirely by servers in the background. So unless the browser being used is doing something at the order page level (which is not the same as an emailing issue) by not submitting the order, then I wouldn’t know how the browser would be involved at all. As you’ve indicated that all browsers are submitting the order, the browser then is out of the picture at that point.

​Dear John - Thanks for taking the time to reply. It confused me, too. In the end, all tags were applied and emails sent, so I am guessing Infusionsoft was just being slower to process some records than others.

I do appreciate your answer!

Mike Poteet


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