Best practice to find out the details of contact.edit


Implementing some business logic for contact change event. I have to take some action when emails and tags for a contact was changed. The hook event just tells me the id of the changed contact, not the specific fields. Is there a way to get notified with details? Or do I have to save duplicates of contacts, and compare the objects every time an event occurs?

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Hi @Stefan_Riedmann, I’m glad you’ve been able to get things working!

That’s correct, the hooks only provide the id/hyperlink of the resource that was changed, not the details themselves.

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The hooks tell you what to respond to but you’ll still have to pull or push information based on your needs.


@John_Borelli After receiving the ID of subscription from subscription.edit event, i am unable to find the method in Rest-API which i should be using to pull subscription info. Any ideas how do i pull subscription info from ID?

REST is a work in progress so not all endpoints/methods are exposed yet. For now anyway, you would have to use the SDK to pull the information from the recurring order table using the id that the webhook sends you.