Avatar Flair Explained

Just a quick post about avatar flair. A few people have asked me privately what it means and how to get it.

Avatar flair is the small image on a member’s avatar that represents a special designation. Currently, there are 3 avatar flairs in the community:

  • Staff - The “Staff” flair designates the member as an Infusionsoft employee.


  • Infusionsoft Certified Partner - The “Infusionsoft Certified Partner” flair is manually applied to an ICP member by a staff member. The flair is similar to the staff flair, but slightly fancier. ICPs just need to go here to apply for the flair. There are 4 staff members that can approve ICP flair. Approval may take 24 hours, but usually it’s pretty quick.


  • API Mods - Currently, there are two API Mods: @John_Borelli and @Pav . John and Pav are the resident experts with the API.