Automatically merge our most popular website articles' subject lines (& images) into weekly email content as links (RSS Feed?)

Need help/guidance. I want to build a “top trends this week” email in Infusionsoft. I am hoping I can build my email with a merge function, (RSS feed?), grabbing top 3 articles from our website (WordPress) at the end of every week… 1)pull dated content from my website, 2)based on most popular (# of views that week), 3)merge the subject line & image into my weekly email as a link back to the ‘full article’ on our website. Thanks for any/all advice!

@Cindi_Todd, I would suggest starting with the link below. You will need to connect with someone who specializes in building custom software solutions utilizing our API.

Hi Martin, Thank you for the suggestion… was really hoping there was a simpler way to incorporate an RSS feed.

these guys might do what you need -

I’m not sure about the ‘most popular’ feature - they mostly just take a number of links from an RSS feed, if they can’t do that, though, you could always create a custom RSS feed on your site of the most popular to get exactly what you want.

Thank you Justin. I agree, I think I need to start with customizing my own RSS feed and go from there.

Hey Cindy - no problem. If you need help, I run a WordPress dev team ( and we could probably pull this off for you in just a couple of hours.