API Token Error

I am a Keap partner with a client who has developed an API App to move info from their FileMaker system to Keap to elevate conversion on their sales strategy. This system worked for a year and then began to fail. Below is from the Developer. If you have any words of wisdom for us, I would love them. If you think you know the answer but need consulting time, please DM me with further information. I’m about to lose this client and I don’t want to. Thank you.

We are using oAuth to work with the rest Keap API, and recently are getting messages about an expired token during the sync process.

Our application syncs to Keap nightly, and it will check to see if we have a good token. If the token is expired, it will refresh the token. Once we have a good token, the sync starts and pushes the contacts and tags into Keap. This all works great.

Our new problem is during the sync we are now seeing intermediate token expired errors. One minute it is working, then then we have errors. One minutes later is starts working again.

Example Error Pushing a Tag:

During our sync we are getting an intermediate error: “fault":{“faultstring”:“Access Token expired”,“detail”:{“errorcode”:“keymanagement.service.access_token_expired”}}}” when pushing a tag.

KEAP reports TAG pushes correctly at 5:31 PM without Token Error

This is happening all over the place. During a nightly sync, we push about 150 items, and we get dozen or so random token errors.

Why would KEAP report a token bad at 5:30 and then work one minute later? Our token was created a 5:00 PM. So it can’t be bad, it is only 30 minutes old. It also can’t be bad because it is working at 5:31 PM, but for some reason NOT at 5:30

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