Allowed IP list - resulting in error: 500

ERROR: 500 - Server encountered exception: IP access not allowed

I assume that error is returned if your app’s IP address is blocked because it’s not one of the IP addresses found in the “Allowed IP List” address list.

This is puzzling because my server’s IP addresses are in the list.

Is it possible to use an Infusionsoft support request to find out what the IP address is that is being blocked?

If you’re encountering a 500 error, it’s a server-side exception. What server are you trying to hit, in what way?

I was hitting the Infusionsoft api server with this request: $infusionSoft->authenticateUser($username, $password);

But I have since learned the issue was on my end - I had not included the full range of IP addresses in the “Allowed IP” list. So my issue is closed.