Adding an animated gif to the landing page

How do I add an animated gif to the landing page? I tried html img tag, iframe and giphy. giphy leaves a watermark on it when you hover over it and I don’t want that.

After playing around with this for a bit, I found that I was able to accomplish this with an HTML snippet, with the img tag, referencing a hosted .gif file.

Since you referenced that Giphy has a watermark, I opted to search for another gif hosting service, and went for

Once I uploaded my gif, it gave me a number of embed options to use. I chose the direct img url, and popped it in my HTML snippet on my landing page.

Here is a quick visual of my end result. 2017-08-10_1151

Oh and the little email address watermark that you may see in my screencast is actually just a part of the image that I pulled from google. Gifyu does not appear to add any pesky watermarks! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll try that. Do you know why it doesn’t work when I use the same img tag you did but have the gif hosted on my website?

It may be the way your server behaves, when images are referenced by HTML tagging. When you grabbed your image from your server, was it a hosting url, or did it end in .gif?

it ends in gif, see it works here

I snagged the URL to give it a try, and got results. The Gif is a bit larger, so it did not load in the builder itself, after I saved my HTML snippet, but the preview, and the published version have results.

Hmm, now it works that way. I swear it wasn’t working for me before! haha

Well that is very strange. Sounds like you should be able to pull the URL’s from your own server now though, which beats hosting externally. An external source is always an option though, as we have figured out.