502 Bad Gateway

I’m seeing our app is down. Tried calling in, your phone system is down as well. ETA on this being resolved?

This is halting business over here…

Austin, have you tried chatting into Support? I haven’t heard of any service or phone outages. Let me make some calls and see what’s going on.

Austin, are you able to sign in this morning? Advanced support looked at the server logs and didn’t see any outages at the time you posted. Also, I realized I asked you to chat into Support, which you couldn’t have if you couldn’t access your account :flushed:

Hey Martin,

This resolved itself after ~10-20 minutes. However it’s alarming that you don’t have any logs of this as we were definitely getting 502 errors within our app. We have some very deep integrations and this affected not only the standard IS UI, but also our internal applications that utilize the API. This was not a user error as it was experienced throughout our entire company, and was not an isolated instance.

Austin Biggs