Workbook for IUniversity

where is the workbook for IU? thanks, Chris

Hi, @Chris_Miller, I received these instructions from @Michael_Indrelunas, one of the Instructional Designers for IU: “The IU workbook can be downloaded by opening the Infusionsoft University OnDemand learning path, selecting Additional References from the menu beneath the course description, and expanding the Mission 1: Pre-Course section.”

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Here’s a screenshot of where you will find the workbook.

Thanks Martin

Hi, I can’t see the PDF’s for the workbooks either.

When I click on the module or the lesson it just goes straight to the video.
I think the workbooks might help my understanding and learning a bit better. I find it hard to follow just listening to the presentation… it’s just my learning style I guess.

When I follow the instructions above for the Additional References, mine says, No additional references are available for this course.

Thank you, Chantal

Hi Chantal,

I will look into why the workbook would not be available.

In the meantime, because I know that having different materials to interact with can be a huge boost to a helping people understand the content, you can download the workbook directly from this link by clicking the download button in the top right corner.

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