"Title" field in user record too short

I have a few users who have longer job titles than the ‘Title’ field allows - how can I put their titles in their signatures when the field is so short? Why is the ‘Title’ field capped at so few characters?

Good question. I’m not sure why it’s capped at 30 characters…maybe there is a performance reason. I’m sure Dwight Schrute would disapprove of, “Assistant to the Regional Mana” I’ll ask around next week. - It may be an arbitrary limit that we can change sometime in the future.

Joking aside, is there a particular Job Title example you can provide that I can share with Product?

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While I look forward to see what @martinc comes up with, there is I believe, an option for the interim. When you edit the user record, you will have a tab that says Signature(legacy). This will allow you to make whatever you want to be the signature (200 char title if you wish). You would then have to enable legacy signatures under Admin->Settings->User

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Was there a solution to this? Don’t have the legacy option. I have a client that has more than 30 for their title. Seems odd that it cuts it when the email length is longer.

There is a ticket, but it hasn’t been prioritized yet. I’ve included your quote on the ticket, @Kathryn_Skopal so they know it is impacting you as well.

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Hi - I am looking for a solution to this as well. My title: Director of Business Development" is getting cut off. Seems like a fairly common title…?

@Dave_Nagy, @John_Borelli @Kathryn_Skopal, @Anne_Drolet The job title field now accepts the maximum of 255 characters.

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