'There was an issue loading your data'

Help! What does this mean? ‘There was an issue loading your data’ and how can it be resolved?

Lovely. So nobody out there… I don’t know how to get support. Have gone through all the channels I can see and still… nothing. No response. Will try to call the help line.

Hi, @AFROBEAT_Janine ,

There can be a number of possible causes.

It can be a temporary issue that would clear up in a short time.

It can also be due to caching/cookie issues. In this case, trying the same thing in a different chrome based browser would clear the issue up and tell you that clearing cache/cookies would resolve it. I personally use Vivaldi browser for these cases but any chrome based browser should do.

In rarer cases there could be something that hasn’t registered when we forget to re-publish changes. This isn’t the most common issue but it can happen.

Thank you. I found that it was an issue with the new norton anti virus software specifically the AntiTrack ware that was blocking it. I have uninstalled it for now but will still need to have a conversation with norton.

Ah, well glad you got if sorted :wink:

I’ll keep that one in my hat band the next time someone has the same issue.

Yes, I thought that might be useful :wink:

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